Concealed Carry

By requiring gun liability insurance for concealed carry we will create thousands of jobs, compensate victims of gun violence, and create a market incentive for safe gun owners. 

Gun Liability Insurance

Insurance is required for driving a car, we will make it required for a concealed carry permit as well

Gun Violence Prevention

Concealed Carry Policies:

  • License

  • Registration

  • Insurance

Recently firearm manufacturers were sued for $73 million because of the marketing of their products. They are afraid that this will happen more often. The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has the power to issue concealed carry permits to those who demonstrate proper gun safety. Manufacturers will sell guns only to those who pass this training to get rid of their liability. This would reduce gun violence/accidents and create a new firearm insurance industry worth upwards of $300 Million fostering Florida’s economy.

The 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act made it so gun manufacturers cannot be sued for criminal use of their guns. However, it contains exceptions.[1] Manufacturers can be sued if their products contain defects or if a company knowingly violated laws relating to the marketing of a product related to a shooting. In February, Remington settled to pay the families of Sandy Hook Elementary School $73 million, because of how the Bushman rifle was marketed.[2]


Large gun manufacturers are now more afraid that they can and will be sued through this “predicate exemption.”[3] This is a victory for public safety as there is more accountability for these manufacturers and the potential to create a million-dollar firearm insurance industry.






So, What Can We Do?!

Chapter 790 of the Florida Statutes says that the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is authorized to issue licenses to carry concealed weapons to anyone who is qualified. (Excluding machine guns). The department is required to issue a license if an applicant is at least 21 years old, does not have a recent criminal record, and passes a safety training course. This training course can be any that is available to the general public or one that is created by the department.


Chapter 570 of the Statues gives the commissioner the authority to create “advisory committees.” This committee researches facts, proposes policies, and consults with the commissioner to work for the health and safety of Floridians. The commissioner has the power to create a committee that can create the best gun safety training program and oversee the creation of a new firearm industry.


We Will Create: A Program to Reduce Violence and Help Floridians Economically


The Commissioner can create a firearm safety training program of the Department that is “insured.” This safety course would do three things:

  1. Instill proper firearm safety into its participants.

  2. Teach proper practices for the storage of weapons.

  3. Understand someone’s motive for purchasing a firearm. It must be only used for self-defense.


If one completes the program and fulfills the rest of the criteria, they qualify for a concealed carry permit. Gun manufacturers would only sell to people who have completed a rigorous safety program and are “insured.” By selling to only insured clients, there is no liability for manufacturers to be sued for their products.


The Department can also create new advisory committees that would specialize in creating a new industry of firearm insurance. This industry would generate millions of dollars for the State economy and provide new jobs for Floridians. New firearm insurance companies would support and promote the program and assess the liability of their clients. Gun manufacturers are not required to sell to anyone, and it would be the responsibility of these experts to determine the liability of their consumers. This creates a system of double authentication. Someone wanting to purchase a firearm has to demonstrate good intentions and proper safety to a training program and the insurance agency.


This requirement of gun safety would limit gun violence statewide and also limit accidents.[1] It’s a program that would create accountability for violence on all sides, and economically benefit Floridians.