The Green Around Us vs. The Green in Their Wallets

By Ronald Thompson 8/2/2022

As Floridians, it’s quite easy to forget about the wonders nature has blessed us within our own backyards. However, when corporations begin to overstep boundaries, they destroy the green within our environment for the purpose of adding more to their own pockets. A prevalent issue, which has had an increase recently, derives from the practice of mineral extraction from the Everglades, through the means of fracking and blasting limestone.

You may be wondering, what can the Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services possibly do to address the concern of our depleting environment? The Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services is responsible for the management of millions of acres of state forest land for wildlife habitat, recreation, and timber.

The Everglades does not only consist of swamplands and wildlife, but it is instrumental to Florida's environment. The Everglades provides drinking water to over 8 million Americans and protects communities from hurricanes and floods. Oftentimes, as humans we believe we exist and the environment is simply a resource we utilize for our own benefit. However, the truth is that we are one and the same and are codependent on one another. Over the last 100 years, the Everglades has shrunk to less than half of its original size due to agricultural and residential development and expansion.

J.R. Galliot, a candidate for the Commissioner of Agriculture, has a platform that understands the issue at hand. There is no doubt that there will be great adversity in combating corporate greed in favor of the environment, however, it is a fight that must be fought at the highest level. For more information on this topic, check out J.R. Galliot’s platform on Everglades protection.

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