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Florida Voter's Handbook

It is essential to democracy that people are informed on how to exercise their rights to vote. The last election for this position was decided by only a few thousand votes. Your vote matters, you are democracy.

Important Dates

  1. The last day to register to vote or change your party is 29 days before Election Day; you can confirm your voter registration on Florida’s election website.

     2. Primary Election Voting Dates:

  • Vote by Mail: August 23, received no later than 7:00 PM.*

  • Vote at Polls: August 23.

     3. General Election Voting Dates:

  • Vote by Mail: November 8, received no later than 7:00 PM.*

  • Vote at Polls: November 8.

  1. Make sure your name and address are up to date

  2. Review your party affiliation

  3. Confirm your signature

  4. Check the status of your vote by mail ballot

  5. Find your polling place using the precinct locator

  6. Cast your vote!

Voting Checklist

Voting Precinct Locator

Go Vote Flyers

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I vote in person?

  • Use this Voter Precinct Locator link to find an in-person location to cast your ballot.

How do I cast a mail-in (absentee) ballot?

  • Any registered voter in Florida can request a mail-in (absentee) ballot.

  • However, Florida law requires that mail-in ballot must be requested from your local Supervisor of Elections office no later than 5:00PM, ten days before the election day (for Primary elections, this day would be August 13). 

How can I make an informed vote decision?

  • Being an informed voter is equally as important as voting itself. Be sure to take time to educate yourself on the platforms on which each candidate campaigns; this includes their political stance, their educational background and relevant experience, if they have any history contradictory to what they advertise, and generally any public information you can gather.

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